Forty-seven (47+) acres - Livingston Parish, LA

47+ Acres Privately Owned

Infrastructure and rail service to Deep-water Port of Greater Baton Rouge – U. S. Highway 190 to Interstate 10/12

Ideal site for commercial, distribution, logistics, manufacturing – located within the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale (TMS) play*

  • Existing Manufacturing Within the Neighborhood
  • Livingston Parish has NO ZONING


Why Locate/Relocate your business to Louisiana?

Louisiana Pro-business Climate

Economic growth soars.  Learn More »
•    Right-to-work state
•    Louisiana rocketed to No. 1 for its Financial Disclosure Laws – the most improved state in the nation –
“First in Ethics,” – The Center for Public Integrity
•    Outside municipalities- Livingston Parish has no zoning
•    Livingston Parish Community College/Vocation-Technical Center – State funded for construction

Louisiana's Natural Gas Resources - Tuscaloosa Marine Shale (TMS)*

Louisiana offers abundant and affordable natural gas resources – Tuscaloosa Marine Shale (TMS)*
•    Natural gas is the primary fuel used by Louisiana manufacturing.  Natural gas production is at levels that surpass historic peaks.
•    Louisiana onshore (instate) gas production has been increasing by an annual average 34 percent since
2008 and is currently at levels not seen since the 1970s.  Source:  Louisiana Dept. of Natural Resources.
•    Because natural gas fuels a large portion of the state’s power generation, electricity rates for Louisiana industry now rank among the lowest in the nation.

Louisiana Tax Incentives

Louisiana levies the lowest local and state taxes on new manufacturing operations in the U.S., according to a landmark, 50-state analysis by the Tax Foundation and KPMG.  Learn More »
•    Nation’s leading Tax Incentive Program
•    Film Industries Tax Incentives – Investor Tax Credit & Labor Tax Credit
•    Digital Media and Software Development Tax Credit
•    Industrial Tax Exemption and Research & Development Tax Credit
•    Infrastructure, Retention and Modernization Tax Credit

LED FastStart Program

The Gold Standard Again and Again
Customized employee-recruitment  screening, training development and training delivery for new and  expanding  companies.

•    In 2012, FastStart once again outpaced Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and Texas, earning a No. 1
ranking from Business Facilities magazine, four years running, for fielding the top state workforce
training program in the nation.  Learn More »

Digital Media Performance

No. 1 rank for digital media performance – Business Facilities – 2012

•    Recent surge in business investment from digital companies like Gameloft, GE Capital and Electronic
Arts – proof Louisiana is code for success.

Entrepreneurial Activity

•    Ranks among the top five states- Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity – 2012


No. 1 rank for digital media performance – Business Facilities – 2012
#1 state in the nation – U.S. Chamber Enterprising States Report The abundance of natural gas resources has led to a virtual “Manufacturing Renaissance in Louisiana” where, to date, some $62.3 billion in new capital investments have been announced.  LSU – Study (1/11/13). Read the study »

Technology and Medical Research Centers

Baton Rouge/Livingston Parish

•    Arts, Visualization, Advanced Technologies, and Research (AVATAR) – Louisiana State University (LSU) –
Baton Rouge Campus
•    Technical Workforce Training – Southeastern Louisiana University – Livingston Parish Literacy and
Technology Center – 39,000 sq. ft.
•    Louisiana Emerging Technology Center – LSU – Baton Rouge – 60,000 sq. ft
•    Pennington Biomedical Research Center (PBRC) – 403,000 sq. ft
•    IBM Technology Service Center – Downtown Baton Rouge – 72,000 sq. ft.



Property Map

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